Things that make my heart sing!

There is just something about Fiestaware that make makes me feel joy. My Mom had a few choice platers and pieces maybe that is why I love it so much. The colors just make me happy. I love mixing and matching them for different occasions. This monochromatic theme shown below is just delicious looking.

Remember the uranium dye that gave the original Fiesta Red its signature bright hue? In 1943, the Homer Laughlin China Company had to discontinue this color because the US needed uranium for World War II. Original red didn’t reappear until 1959. Due to the publicity given to uranium and radioactivity during the war years, rumors began circulating that red Fiesta ware could be ‘hazardous’ to consumer health when the color was reintroduced after the war.

There is just something about color that just brightens my day.

Hope this brought you some cheer!



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