Chipmunks taking over!

Right at home.

Last year I felt like we only had two little chipmunks running back and forth from the garden, They were so cute. I never saw them in California so it was thrilling. This year there seems to be thirty of them. They are just happily plowing through my garden beds, eating the plants above and below ground. I started researching them and come to find out that they like living in wood piles. My garden is raised hugelkultur beds made of a layer of logs (wood pile) pine needles and hay (insulation) then a layer of beautiful organic soil (roof top garden) It dawned on me the chipmunks are most likely living under my garden beds. Like a little chipmunk habitrail with a roof top garden.

If I don’t move they can’t see me.

I found a radish thrown out of the bed on the ground with little bite marks in it, I’m guessing they don’t like radishes. But they love beets, cabbage, broccoli and my sweet potatoes.

Surveying my kingdom.

So as much as I enjoy them I’m a bit on the fence.

Happy gardening.



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