Teenager alert!

That’s a wrap!

My youngest child turned thirteen today. She chose what was my most challenging Birthday theme to date. Yes more difficult then my sons caveman- kidnap party. she chose a Minecraft flag that was from some You-tubers I think? I was so used to her picking things that were a bit softer.

lmanburg Flag

Once I got going I realized that basically it was super hero colors. I found so many sweet treats in those colors . The plan was to use a vintage yucca print souvenir table cloth because the colors would work. As I was setting up to hang the not so cute flag in the background I laid it on the table and thought great table cloth. I was able to work in my usual amount of my favorite color ware dishes… FiestaWare! The cake turned out really nice, it was to be cover by the flag but it dawned on me it didn’t have to… so I had them (Market of choice in Bend) add some color coordinated flowers, I was very pleased.

Never Dig Straight Down

So another Birthday theme accomplished.

Happy a Birthday Abriana!


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