Cactus Cloth and Yucca Prints

I am in love with everything about Yucca Prints from the bold hand printed colors to the nubby off-white cactus cloth that they are printed on! Barth & Dreyfuss of California made these in the 40’s and 50’s mostly as souvenirs. They made among other things map tablecloths and aprons with states on them chocked full of tourists spots and points of interest. Today they are highly collectible especially when they have their original tags still intact.

Below is a photo of one of my offices that I had a few years back. I used vintage California tablecloths as curtains. They went great with my old tanker desk re painted in bright red with a cute oil cloth desk matt covered with glass. One of my favorite offices to date!

Yucca Print curtains in my office plus a dog.

They are a classic vintage collectible linen that I have used as clip up curtains and as tablecloths

I love the bright colors and they always fit right in with my fiestaWare and my bright style.

the rare label in mint condition.
Souvenir Apron from the great State of Alaska

This stunning vintage tablecloth is just packed with graphics depicting California tourist attractions.

little cutie California apron.

If anyone has anymore history on these adorable linens, please I would love to hear more.

Thanks for joining me,



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