These nutritionally dense superfood cookies are delicious, packed with protein and the added benefits of lavender and rooibos tea. They are not too sweet and are great with a nice cup of rooibos tea. They also are gluten free and vegan. The rooibos has too many benefits to mention here. A few of the benefits … Continue reading LAVENDER ROOIBOS ROCKS COOKIES



This healthy gluten free and vegan bread is relatively simple to make and I love the combination of lemon and blueberry. I used chia seeds as an egg replacer. You also could use ground flax seed or any other egg replacer of your choice. I have had good results with Bob's Red Mill egg replacer. … Continue reading LEMON BLUEBERRY BREAD


Macaron Recipe My daughter Abriana is an avid teen baker. This is the French macaron recipe she adapted from The and it is her go to recipe; she has had great success using it. It makes a batch of the most dainty, delicate, and delicious cookies that will float right into your mouth and … Continue reading MACARONS


Delicious, easy, gluten free and vegan!


It appears that making sun tea has become a bit of a lost art around my household. I hadn’t made any in years. My Mom seemed to always have a jar brewing in the summer. It's easy to make, tastes delicious, and the sunshine is free. Brewing some tea in a nice sunny spot. INSTRUCTIONS … Continue reading SUN TEA


Bolting occurs when a plant begins to flower and set seed too early. It cuts down on vegetable production and is mainly seen as a negative occurrence, but by a happy accident not to me.  We have had unusually hot weather in Central Oregon this summer. Since I am in the high desert and have … Continue reading MY DELICIOUS BOLTING GARDEN

Cactus Cloth and Yucca Prints

I am in love with everything about Yucca Prints from the bold hand printed colors to the nubby off-white cactus cloth that they are printed on! Barth & Dreyfuss of California made these in the 40's and 50's mostly as souvenirs. They made among other things map tablecloths and aprons with states on them chocked … Continue reading Cactus Cloth and Yucca Prints

Things that make my heart sing!

There is just something about Fiestaware that make makes me feel joy. My Mom had a few choice platers and pieces maybe that is why I love it so much. The colors just make me happy. I love mixing and matching them for different occasions. This monochromatic theme shown below is just delicious looking. Remember … Continue reading Things that make my heart sing!

I am just so excited!

Hi, my name is Colleen Pollard, and I am a mother of two, an author, a film maker, a cook, food consultant, a forest walker, a gardener and a lover of Fiesta Ware, oil cloth, color and most things beautiful and vintage. I love cooking and creating delicious recipes with healthy ingredients that add extra … Continue reading I am just so excited!