This healthy gluten free and vegan bread is relatively simple to make and I love the combination of lemon and blueberry. I used chia seeds as an egg replacer. You also could use ground flax seed or any other egg replacer of your choice. I have had good results with Bob's Red Mill egg replacer. … Continue reading LEMON BLUEBERRY BREAD



I keep seeing granola butter as an add-in for recipes, I hadn’t heard of it before, so I had to investigate! What even is granola butter aka oat butter or oatmeal butter? After making my first batch here’s what I think about granola butter, “granola butter is a rich, creamy spread that tastes like liquid … Continue reading GRANOLA BUTTER – WHAT IS IT?


I spent my Sunday cooking and getting ready to start “The Plan”, It is written by a woman named Lyn-Genet Recitas. Some people do The Plan for weight loss, which for me is a nice side effect. I personally do it for a food reset, and to test for food sensitivities. It has been a … Continue reading CARROT GINGER SOUP

Cactus Cloth and Yucca Prints

I am in love with everything about Yucca Prints from the bold hand printed colors to the nubby off-white cactus cloth that they are printed on! Barth & Dreyfuss of California made these in the 40's and 50's mostly as souvenirs. They made among other things map tablecloths and aprons with states on them chocked … Continue reading Cactus Cloth and Yucca Prints

It is so hot all I want is a smoothie!

Smoothie Ingredients When the weather warms up, I start to crave foods that are more cooling. Smoothies are delicious, refreshing and easy to make. They are also extremely nutritious if you pick the right ingredients. Start with a good powerful blender and the process will go more smoothly. My go to blender is the Vitamix, … Continue reading It is so hot all I want is a smoothie!

Smoothie time

NOTHING SAYS SUMMER LIKE A SWEET GINGER AND PEACH SMOOTHIE This is one of my all-time favorite smoothies. The peaches are so light and cooling, and the extra snap of the fresh ginger is just delicious. I like to use either the frozen cubed ginger if I’m in a hurry or grate my own. A … Continue reading Smoothie time