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I co wrote The Versatile Vegetable (Food Of Life) (Volume 1) cookbook after having my first child. It was a labor of love and is still relevant today. The first 1/3 of the book is lifestyle information. The rest are easy delicious and healthy recipes. Including cultured vegetable recipes.

The Versatile Vegetable (Food Of Life) (Volume 1) is not just another cookbook. Even though it is filled with exquisitely delicious and simple recipes, it also educates and inspires you to make any changes needed to support good health and heal the body. In Miranda and Colleen’s simple, yet humorous way, you are led on a journey that will encourage an abundance of vegetables to come into your life. You will also learn why the condiments used in cooking, such as salt, oils and seasonings, play an intricate part in your health. The changes are simple and subtle, yet so powerful in their result, that you will truly be inspired to transform some basic cooking skills. “We are born with one body. If we do not treat that body with love and respect, it will die, and then we will have nowhere to live.” This book offers an array of simple, yet delicious recipes for vegetable dishes that can be incorporated easily into your daily life. Miranda and Colleen realize that time is always a concern, meaning that quick and easy was the only way their recipes could be of service. They has also included nutritional information that will help guide you in choosing what oils or fats to use or what seasonings to flavor with. The approach is to use foods in their most natural state. A great analogy lies in the process of buying clothes: Before paying for a new shirt, we tend to look at the label, check out the size or what it’s made of, even before trying it on. If only we paid this much attention to the labels on food. Often we eat foods without even glancing at the list of ingredients, especially in this age of convenience and processing. To Miranda and Colleen, this is a lot more worrying than buying a shirt a few sizes too big because we did not look at the label. The food we eat goes much deeper than the surface of the skin. You may also notice that she has chosen not to use certain ingredients in the recipes. You will not find any gluten, wheat products or refined sugars used in the book. Instead, They have substituted with healthier options, suggested certain oils and flavorings, so that every part of each dish is beneficial. In her book, Miranda and Colleen elaborate on the following topics, discussing them in length and suggesting a variety of excellent methods to keep the colon healthy: ~ Digestion- a gut feeling and sometimes it doesn’t feel so good. ~ Constipation and how to eliminate it. ~ The use of Probiotics, also known as friendly bacteria. Fats and Oils. ~ Fats, sounds like a dirty word nowadays. Most people don’t want fat, especially any extra on their bodies, so why would Miranda and Colleen connect them to healing and encourage you to eat them? Because certain fats are essential to our health. In their book, they separate the good oils from the bad and deciphers the potential health benefits of using the right kinds of oils. Additional sections include: ~ How to Eat. ~ Chewing. ~ Regular Meals. ~ Food Rotation. ~ And the truth about Salt. They also offer inventive alternatives for unhealthy ingredients which dramatically improve the nutritional value of an otherwise decadent dish, yet with all the flavor still remaining. The result is both a worthy and an artful skill, one that you will undoubtedly enjoy time after time while using “The Versatile Vegetable”.